Self Build

It is difficult for us to give an accurate description of the typical self-builder. In most cases the “self-builder” will carry out no building work whatsoever, your role being to make the financial arrangements and then “manage the build” carrying out the function of project manager. Only very few will carry out all the building works themselves. With this in mind one of the most important functions of our company is to help you oversee and manage the project from start to finish. We understand the complexities involved in the building process so project management is vital to ensure that the various steps are achieved smoothly and efficiently along the way and that there are no delays in completing your home.

We work with you in a number of ways but it is better to involve us at an early stage in a project before you start trimming your ideas because of cost. We can advise as to which areas we can make savings, and also make suggestions as to ways further savings could be made.

We have a close association with many of the UK’s top manufacturers and suppliers to offer you choice and value. Because we are independent we can provide you impartial product advice and help you choose the most appropriate materials and because we specialise in working with self-builders we understand your needs and offer you support and advice at every stage of your project.

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